Kenyan Women’s Tech Agenda

11 May

Can? We? Save? Africa?

What happens when you put women at the center of examining Kenya’s booming technology scene?  Specifically, what should Kenyan women’s agenda for the ongoing tech revolution look like?

I believe that Kenyan women’s technology agenda should focus on freedom.  But not freedom in the conventional sense; the women’s agenda for technology should focus on both freedom ‘from’ and freedom ‘to’.

Conventional understandings of freedom center on freedom from oppression: freedom from others harming us.  An innovative approach to women’s participation in the tech space should focus on both women’s freedom ‘from’ current impediments but it should, more importantly, also focus on women’s freedom ‘to’ use technology and to transform the way tech is used in Kenya.

To explain, Kenyan women’s tech agenda should focus on three key elements of freedom that are critical in the current context in Kenya: Access, Security, and Empowerment


Traditional understandings of women’s access to…

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