#BBATheChase Huddah Monroe Up for Eviction.

27 May


Up for Eviction.

Its day One at the big brother’s house and Kenya’s Huddah Monroe has received the highest number of nominations, seven, in Diamond House followed closely by Uganda‘s Denzel with six and Elikem from Ghana with four.

Huddah has been termed as shallow-minded, self-centred and inconsiderate with Denzel said to have no respect for women, tries too hard and not much of a team player. Elikem on the other hand was shot for being too bossy as well as being a strong competitor in the game.

Meanwhile, Bolt (Sierra Leone), Fatima (Malawi), Annabel (Kenya), Betty (Ethiopia) and Neyll (Angola) got two Nominations each while Nambia’s Dellish escaped with just one Nomination.

The lucky lot who dodged the Nominations dagger in the Diamond House were Botswana’s Motamma, Tanzania’s Feza and Nando, South Africa’s Angelo and Ethiopia’s Bimp.


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