Dennis Itumbi Abducted.

4 Jun

Controversial blogger Dennis Itumbi was early this
morning abducted by unknown people and
dumped Kiambu – Ruiru road just next to the
Kamiti Roundabout.

Reports indicate that Itumbi was accosted during his morning run after trying to intervene in a case where he spotted a man trying to drag a school kid into a white saloon car. The blogger took immediate action and freed the child only to fall into a trap, unbeknownst.

It appears the men used the child as bait to get Itumbi’s attention hence abducting him. It is not clear what they took from or did to him but he
reported the matter to the police soon after.

Itumbi was scheduled to appear on KTN’s sunrise
live with Yvonne Okwara but ended up being a
no show. At some point during the show, Yvonne
reported that Itumbi’s phone was off and broke
the news that the blogger would not be on the


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