About Audrey Mbugua and some mis-informed Kenyans on Twitter.

11 Jun

Queer has a face

Some Kenyans on Twitter (#kots) will hurl abuses at people they don’t know because they are richer than them, more beautiful, handsome, drive nice cars, live in good neighborhoods, and especially because they are women.

These personalities have self-defeating feelings of inadequacy, inferiority issues and live in severe state of depression, and the blame-it-on-somebody-else-syndrome acquires them some sort of short-lived fame, then their gold-fish memory will find some other person to release this negative energy to. And the vicious circle continues.

That is neither here nor there. I don’t pay any attention to bored people. The boredom in my life is a task by itself.   

Until the matter in hand is that one that hits closer home; then all alarms in my head goes off.

Yesterday was what the media refers to as ‘the drama in court day’. First of all, I need a better explanation of the word…

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