29 Jun

The Murram Road Chronicles

Imagine a mansion where all bigwigs live in together. Now imagine how they interact in that setting.

(Lencer is on the carpet watching afro sinema. Queen Gathoni is busy reading 50 Shades of Grey, Mckym is undoing Shee’s hair while Shee is quoting bible scriptures to him. Masaku is on his laptop googling jokes. Nyakundi is in the toilet….suddenly DopestChiqa comes into the sitting room)

DOPEST: Lencer naomba shaver yako tafadhali

LENCER: *pauses movie* Abeeeeg!!!! Ati shaver ya nani? Last time ulirudisha kama imekua blunt, forget!!

(Dopest sulks and goes away. Rama and JoeMuchiri come in laughing, they see Lencer watching afrosinema)

JOE: wewe Lencer na hiyo kifua yote hauoni aibu kuwatch ufala ka hio, toka tunataka kuwatch game

RAMA: ebu deal nayeye nifike loo nimekazwa. (Runs to the toilet)

LENCER: kua mpole sweety, karibu inaisha, nangoja Ramsey Noah akiss Geneviev, 5 mins please.

SHEE: weeee Joe, ati…

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