Kenya-Lamu, rest and relaxation August 2013

20 Sep


Lamu, like Zanzibar, an ancient 16 century port of Arabic, Persian and Omani heritage, was known for slavery and trading in ivory and mangrove wood.  Thirty years ago, men wearing long white full length robes and trousers, khanzus and finely embroidered kofia hats competed for business on the docks, luring tourists seeking accommodation to their abode. Today the business is the same, the only difference is their dress. Men wearing kofia hats, jeans and tee-shirts. Most women still wear the traditional Arabic black bui-bui and some in full purdah with just their eyes revealed to the world.

Though we knew to catch a boat to Lamu from Manda Island where the plane landed, Mohammed seemed to form an instant and magnetic relationship with us insisting on showing us to the jetty and kindly offered to show us some accommodation.  Guarding us from other potential escorts, we traipsed around with him…

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