#SomeoneTellTanzania Funny tweets.

20 Sep


Tanzanian version of Vampire Diaries. #someoneTellTanzania

#SomeoneTellTanzania The oil deposits they have weigh less than Eric Omondi.

#SomeoneTellTanzania Teacher Wanjiku now is more famous than their Mwalimu Nyerere

#SomeoneTellTanzania A Tanzanian kid going to buy a tissue paper


#SomeOneTellTanzania Diamond’s lips are bigger than your economy

#SomeoneTellTanzania if Mututho comes to ZanziBar ataacha hiyo place ikiitwa zanzi”Hahahaha…

#SomeoneTellTanzania that unlike batman, spiderman n superman, suleiman is not a super hero

#SomeOneTellTanzania I cannot brag with a six figure salo paid in Tz Shillings heri nilipwe na gazeti mbili na maziwa.”

Diamond on his 40th birthday #SomeoneTellTanzania


#SomeoneTellTanzania that by the end of this trend diamond platnumz will be zinc or copper.

Their equivalent of Kenyatta National Hospital is Loliondo #someonetelltanzania

#SomeoneTellTanzania Hii ushamba waache!!


#SomeoneTellTanzania professa Jay is the only professa they Got

Credits: Ghafla, Nairobi Wire And many proud Kenyans on twitter.

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