40 Quotes by Paulo Coelho to get you by the Westgate Mall Attack

26 Sep

Beautiful Rumi

The Westgate Attack

Are you still hoping to wake up and realise that it was just one bad nightmare?

You are not alone.

Being in denial is a bittersweet, when reality is too painful to face.

I could take you through all the terror that has gone through Kenya, but I won’t. There are enough stories out there detailing the ordeal to the last heartbreaking event. There are also heartwarming stories of unsung heroes that will leave your eyes flooded with tears. There is so much to say about the Westgate mall attack. And at the same time, there is nothing to say.

That experience is now permanently etched in every Kenyans heart. And for the people who lived through that terror, those memories may never fade. For the people comforting the survivors, they too find tears escaping down their faces, when they least expect it.

As Kenyans we are…

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