Sonko Says He Has Equipment Capable of Eavesdropping on Any Phone Call, As Well As Intercepting SMS and Whatsapp Messages

15 Oct

InfoMtaa Magazine

In an interview on Radio Maisha last week, Nairobi Senator said that he has equipment capable of listening to any phone call and reading SMS and Whatsapp messages. “Niko na vifaa vya kileo, ingawa ni kinyume cha sheria. Mimi naeza kuskiza message yoyote, kuona Whatsapp yoyote…”
He added that his was more advanced than NIS and Al Qaeda.He was responding to queries about his nude photos with Shebesh that leaked last week.
Sonko refuted claims that he leaked the photos after Shebesh told him to his face that he was unable to satisfy her. He said he was very strong and healthy and even goes to the gym. “Go ask my wife.” he bragged.


The controversial senator alleged that there was a group of people who did the manipulation of the photos to try and extort money from him. He read out one message from a Roy…

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