Munene Nyaga’s 8 Bedroom, 6 Bathroom Mansion

21 Nov
In 2008, Easy FM‘s Munene Nyaga bought a quarter acre piece of land in Sabaki Estate off Mombasa road. He had big plans for the place, despite his friends’ skepticism on the location.

Four years after construction started, the radio presenter can stand and marvel at his work.. a mansion fit for a king.
8 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 49 metre living room, a huge bar, a semi-circular observatory glass house, and an outdoor balcony. The residence also has an underground water tank that can hold 80,000 litres, and an overhead tank with a capacity of 6,000 litres.

The outspoken presenter sketched the house himself. This was after searching unsuccessfully for a ready house that would suit his taste.
When he presented the architect with his plans, he was shocked and tried to reason with him, telling him that a bachelor did not need such a big house. Munene’s mind was nonetheless made up.

The 40 year old is yet to come to terms with his achievement.  “I drive in here and sometimes I don’t believe this could be my house. Deep down, it feels so good. I feel like a child,” he says.

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