World’s heaviest woman loses over 271 Kgs

21 Nov
World’s heaviest woman has lost a staggering 600lbs (271 kgs) in the five years since she shot to fame as the ‘Half-Ton Killer’.
She made headlines in 2008 after being accused and then found not guilty of murdering her nephew with her own 1,000-pound body.  Mayra Rosales, 32, has embarked on a grueling journey to save her own life by losing weight.

Mayra – who weighed a shocking 1,200lbs at her heaviest point – is wheeled out of her home after construction workers break a hole in the wall to get her out. They haul her body onto a stretcher and into a U-Haul, since she is too big to fit into an ambulance.

She has managed to shed ‘an astounding amount of weight’ thanks to surgeries, physical therapy, rehabilitation and huge changes to her diet.

Even though she confessed in 2008, Mayra was acquitted of her nephew’s murder in 2011 after evidence concluded that the boy had multiple injuries to his skull that were not indicative of being smothered.

So far, thanks to daily two-hour sessions at a physical rehabilitation center, she has been able to take 36 steps on her own with no support, but she is determined to go even further.
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