Worst Type of Men Women can date. Part 1.

22 Dec

The Scaredy-Cat

He is a man not mature enough to handle relationships, and avoids them at all costs. When talk of commitment comes up, he acts as if you’ve never even met.

He is a scared little boy, not the man of your dreams.

The Flirt

Also called a player. He has dozens of women on the backburner and possesses a constant hunger to string more along to fulfill his insecure mindset..

A one liner charmer and should be avoided at all costs.

The Blow off.

The big talker, always planning of dates and life and when it’s time to act will be missing in action.

His texts reads ” Oh, sorry I’m not feeling so

The Dramatic.

Suffers from Madonaism. Freaks out over everything. minutes late to a date. Fans every little disagreement into a full-blown

The Power Monger.

Wants to control everything in your life. Manipulates you to do things for him, bossy and tiresome.

You are in one hell of a ride with him and will completely wear you down!

The Know It All

He is aware of every situation very quickly. You’ll probably be told you’re incorrect more frequently and you should prepare for the flood of extensive knowledge.

The information you’re being bombarded
with is this man’s way of looking smarter or
trying to impress you..… and annoying you.

The Judgementalist

Points out every flaw in those around you. Tears into those unique with out bothering to know the individual beyond there shallow selfs. Mean, un-understaning man who should be left to himself.



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