#WhatNotToDoIn2014 : Trending on Twitter

23 Dec

#WhatNotToDoIn2014 been trending on twitter and her are some of the best tweets by #kot.

@Mutaikp #WhatNotToDoIn2014 is for to stop flirting and get a chic to wife.

@dusteeezzzyyy #WhatNotToDoIn2014 fall in love with a hoe that I was warned about, Second guess yourself, fight with the ones you love.

@itsimpson_ #WhatNotToDoIn2014 dont drink & drive or else u will b gone,ur girlfriend/wife/mpango wakando will b taken while.ur boys will replace u.

@Moffatmwai produce clothes and name them after vegetables ati carrotswe are waiting for onions and hohos

You can find more on the link below:



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