Marya In Love With A Woman?

21 Jan

What a beauty

The gorgeous Marya may havedecided to be a lesbian.

In a recent tweet, the ‘chokoza’ hit maker hinted that she had had enough of men and she might be going for the same team.  Marya was in a serious relationship with rapper Colonel Mustapha and reports were that they would get married. It was however rumoured that religious differences set them apart.

“The song was inspired by the break up with me and Marya; she’s a Christian and am a Muslim. Kuna mmoja alifaa abadili dini so
Mustafa niitwe Emmanuel so ikakua kuna tatizo kidogo so that’s it,” Mustafa was quoted as saying on IzVipi.

Rumours had emerged that the two were back together but from Marya’s tweets that appears not to be the case.
Is it soo wrong to love a person of the
same sex ? #InLove
— maryaogopadjs (@maryaogopadjs)
January 1, 2014.
“I’m tired of men who can’t be in a seriousrelationship. Most of them just want to hitand run. I’m even tempted to become alesbian. The grass is probably greener on theother side,” she said in an interview with Heads Up.

-Nairobi Wire


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