Kenyan National Anthem

23 Jan

Zuru Kenya

The Kenya National Anthem reflects the traditional music of Kenya and the nation’s values. Composed in both English and Swahili, the national anthem focuses on Kenya’s rich heritage that is integral to the nation’s identity. It also emphasizes peace and liberty both within Kenya and with her neighbours.

Interestingly, the method selected to create the anthem had never been tried in Africa. Kenya’s national anthem is notable for being one of the first anthems to be specifically prepared by a group of local musicians. The five member team consisted of G.W. Senoga-Zake, Thomas Kalume, Peter Kibukosya, Graham Hyslop, and Washington Omondi. The tune was derived from a traditional lullaby sung by the Pokomo community. It showcases authentic African melody. The lyrics reflect the convictions and aspirations of Kenyans, evoking utmost civic pride and patriotism.


Kiswahili English
1 1
Ee Mungu nguvu yetu
Ilete baraka kwetu
Haki iwe ngao…

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