Farewell Captain Vidic

7 Feb

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Eight Successful Years and Fifteen Trophies

Nemanja Vidic

Joining in 2006 at a time when our defense was being consistently criticized as looking extremely shaky, Nemanja Vidic helped to get us through an extremely tough period. In the seasons leading up to the 2006/07 season, Vidic’s first full season, United were going through a difficult period after failing to win the title in the previous four seasons. Along with the signing of Evra and the partnership with Ferdinand, United managed to assemble a team that would go on to win the Champions League in 2008.

In recent season it would be easy to suggest that Vidic has ‘lost it’ due to his continued injuries and spells out of the squad but it is important to remember he is one of the few players in the League that could complete mark players out of the big games. In the 19 games Didier Drogba…

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