A Breath of Fresh Hair – Lupita Nyong o’

4 Mar

A Middle Age Black Woman Speaks


We had all started looking alike especially our television and movie stars and really any of us in the public eye.Those who represented us slowly but surely ceased to look like us. Black is beautiful (especially for women) became a blend-in air brushed (soften those ethnic features) Black Barbie. For example note most of our recording stars: the skin tone preference is for the melanin meter to be in the middle or moving toward the right as it approaches white.

Ladies with darker skin tones found hope in hair. Fame means hair, lots and lots of hair synthetic or natural – naturally someone else’s.

Then along comes Lupita Nyong ‘o – a dark n’ lovely Kenya girl who has shown her American “sistahs” they have nothing to fear but fear itself of their own unique beauty.

More than anything else this beautiful and talented woman has shown our little girls…

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