The Kenya Anti-terror Unit Kshs. 63600.65 Budget.

15 Mar

The Kenya Anti-terror Unit has only Kshs. 63600.65 to spend this month. Its not poverty, Its misplaced priorities!

Even after the Westgate incident, Kenyan Authorities have not learned.

Global News

NAIROBI, Kenya – If Kenyan security officials are able to stop another Westgate Mall-style terror attack, they will have to do so on a shoe-string budget: The Anti-Terror Police Unit in Nairobi has just $816 CAD to spend this month.

Documents seen by The Associated Press show that even after the September attack by al-Shabab that killed at least 67 people, the country’s top anti-terror security force is allocated only about $2,447 for operations in January, February and March.

WATCH: Exclusive Interview with Nairobi mall attack victim
(Oct. 29, 2013) 17-year-old Fardowsa Abdi talks with Global’s Cindy Pom about surviving the Nairobi mall attack, her recovery, her future plans, and what she remembers from that terrifying day.

[tp_video id=933306]

A Kenyan member of parliament earns about $45,000 during a three-month period.

Kenya’s government says the country is facing a budgetary crisis because of high salaries. President Uhuru Kenyatta and his…

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