Running with the Kenyans by Adharanand Finn

29 Mar

Running With The Portmuthians


I’m an author and an avid reader, and a keen runner. I’m going to review any interesting running-related books that I come across.

Although only published several years ago, this book has already taken on something of a cult status (even to the extent of a beginner-club runner in Portsmouth naming his blog after it…). I remember growing up watching the Olympics and World Championships, and was very conscious that in the long distance races, it was always Kenyans right up there. And it wasn’t just me noticing it, the whole world sat up and took notice.

Over 25 years later the Kenyan dominance of distance running is even more pronounced, almost to the point at which white, western athletes and commentators almost presume that East African runners are just on a different level. My first big race was the Portsmouth Victory 5 mile in September 2013, won by Boniface…

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