Funny: Rules During WorldCup Month.

12 Jun

To all the ladies and Women in this house:

2014 World Cup Brasil

2014 World Cup Brasil

The World Cup is starting today and I would like to clarify a few things and set some very simple straight rules……………..

1. Kenya didn’t qualify and there is a 5 hour time difference between Rio De Janeiro and Nairobi East Africa so please… NO stupid questions.

2. Ronaldo the Brazilian and Ronaldo the Portuguese are not related.

3. Non soccer conversations shall not be tolerated within regulation, injury, extra time or during penalties…

4. You shall support the teams, I support, smile only when my team is winning and shout goal….When its actually one.

5. Tell your girlfriends not to wed, have babies,fall sick or die during World Cup. We won’t go!!!

6. Its the World Cup & there is no Arsenal or Barcelona. It happens once in four years so don’t ask if its the same as the game from last week…

7. We shall watch any soap, reality show,romantic,African, Afro-cinema movie as long as they shoot it in Brazil and the cast are from World Cup participating teams…

8. There shall be no comments about Christiano Ronaldo’s looks.Professionalism shall remain an absolute part of the World Cup.

9. If u miss the line-up presentation, please do not ask… “who is that guy?”

10. Everyone shall learn all soccer rules prior to the World Cup. Any questions like,”why is that guy running on the line waving a checkered flag?” will not be tolerated.

11. For the full World Cup period, the remote control shall reside in my pocket and shall only be operated by me else under
my written authority…

Thank you.

Signed your loving Husband, boyfriend, Mpango wa Kando


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