Vanessa Chettle and Mirfat Musa Kissing

29 Aug

It’s the wild times we are living in people. Two hot and wild Kenyans beauties, Vanessa Chettle popular from HIV/AIDS scandal and wild parties and Mirfat Musa of KTN’s Tujuane engaged is some hot make-out secession during a wild shisha smoking party.


-Nairobi Wire

Jaguar weds in South Africa

23 Aug

Singer Jaguar, has been in Johannesburg, South Africa, on a business trip, with reports that he had purchased a new house down south.

According to Pulse, mid this week, a source leaked photos of the singer ‘wedding’. The photos presents a full wedding ceremony in which Jaguar and the beauty, an unfamiliar face, are seen exchanging vows in church before a man of a priest.

Follow link to see photos by Pulse.

Photos: President Uhuru Kenyatta’s USA Trip.

9 Aug

We all know that our president attended for the better part of last week USA-African leaders summit in Washington with 40 people delegation.

Kenyatta with the Obamas

So lonely……………….

Hanging with Akon

President Uhuru meets CNN’s Richard Quest

JKIA’s new Terminal 1A processes first commercial flight

6 Aug

JKIA’s new Terminal 1A processes first commercial flight.

Risper Faith’s Big Butt

16 Jul

Risper Faith huge and juice ass has (i know) propelled her into the limelightleaving people’s jaws dropping left right and centre.

Faith got to hang out with wild child Vanessa Chettle and  like many people in Kenya, a visibly sloshed Vanessa could not help but stare at Risper’s big bum.

Faith Risper Huge boombom!!

Slap that ass!!


Funny #KOT Tweets #ThingsJesusDidNotDie4

16 Jul

#KOT are back with #ThingsJesusDidNotDie4 a funny trend still cracking my ribs since yesterday, and the memes are hilarious.

Check them out:

#ThingsJesusDidNotDie4 Chillin out

@BMGitz #ThingsJesusDidNotDie4 Chillin’ out like

Check out


PLO Lumumba English

Ghai FAFA!!

Dude what the f*ck!!!!

Pose, Snap! #Dead! # buried

#ThingsJesusDidNotDie4 #Jeso!




Crazy people!


Lupita Nyong’o Scores Her First Vogue Cover

25 Jun

Into The Urban

2014 has been a big year for actress Lupita Nyong’o and it’s about to get even bigger. After winning an oscar for her role in ’12 Years A Slave’ and becoming Lancôme’s first black spokesperson she has now scored her first Vogue cover. The photos were taken in Marrakech by photographer Mikael Jansson. Check out the editorial after the jump and read her interview with Vogue hereEnjoy! 

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Lupita Nyong’o – The New Ambassador of Lancôme

25 Jun

A Stairway To Fashion Lupita Nyong’o for Lancome’s Tient Idole 24H foundation

Lupita Nyong’o is absolutely gorgeous in her new Lancôme campaign. This comes after she got her first Vogue cover, named “Most beautiful” by People Magazine, when she declared :  “It was exciting and just a major, major compliment. I was happy for all the girls who would see me on [it] and feel a little more seen.” The Kenyan beauty surely made it in the Hollywood world with her incredible breakout for her role in “12 Years A Slave”, and everything seemed to come to her so easily – that is what happens when you are made for it. Lancôme could not have made a better choice then flawless Lupita as their new Ambassador, the first ever African woman to represent the giant cosmetics house. “I am truly honoured to join the Maison Lancôme, a brand…

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Nude Corazon Kwamboka Photos.

25 Jun

A picture says a thousand words but Kenyan socialite Corazon Kwamboka’s photos finishes a thousands vaseline. From tweaking to photos by bouart she appeared with a bang and now she shows us a juicy body.

If you doubt my judgement take a look for yourself.

Corazon Kwamboka.

Huge allowance!


2014 World Cup Schedule

12 Jun

Here is the 2014 world cup schedule with Kenyan Times

12/06/2014 Brazil vs Croatia (11:00 PM)
13/06/2014 Mexico vs Cameroon (7:00 PM)

13/06/2014 Spain vs Netherland (10:00 PM)
14/06/2014 Chile vs Australia (1:00 AM)

14/06/2014 Colombia vs Greece (7:00 PM)
14/06/2014 Ivory Coast vs Japan (4:00 AM)

14/06/2014 Uruguay vs C. Rica (10:00 PM)
15/06/2014 England vs Italy (1:00AM)

15/06/2014 Switzerland vs Ecuador (7:00 PM)
15/06/2014 France vs Honduras (10:00 PM)

16/06/2014 Argentina vs Bosnia (1:00 AM)

16/06/2014 Germany vs Portugal (7:00 PM)

GROUP F: 16/06/2014 Iran vs Nigeria (10:00PM)

17/06/2014 Ghana vs USA (1:00AM)

17/06/2014 Belgium vs Algeria

17/06/2014 Brazil vs Mexico (10:00 PM)

18/06/2014 Russia vs S. Korea (1:00 AM)

18/06/2014 Australia vs Netherlands (7:00 PM)
18/06/2014 Spain vs Chile (10:00PM)

19/06/2014 Cameroon vs Croatia (1:00 AM)

19/06/2014 Colombia vs Ivory Coast (7:00 PM)

19/06/2014 Uruguay vs England (10:00 PM)

20/06/2014 Japan vs Greece (1:00 AM)

20/06/2014 Italy vs Costa Rica (7:00 PM)

20/06/2014 Switzerland vs France (10:00 PM)
21/06/2014 Honduras vs Ecuador (1:00 AM)

21/06/2014 Argentina vs Iran (7:00 PM)

21/06/2014 Germany vs Ghana (10:00 PM)

22/06/2014 Nigeria vs Bosnia (1:00 AM)

22/06/2014 Belgium vs Russia (7:00 PM)
22/06/2014 S. Korea vs Algeria (10:00 PM)

23/06/2014 USA vs Portugal (1:00 AM)

23/06/2014 Netherlands vs Chile (7:00 PM)
23/06/2014 Australia vs Spain (7:00 PM)

23/06/2014 Cameroon vs Brazil (11:00 PM)
23/06/2014 Croatia vs Mexico (11:00 PM)

24/06/2014 Italy vs Uruguay (7:00 PM)
24/06/2014 Costa Rica vs England (7:00 PM)

24/06/2014 Japan vs Colombia (11:00 PM)
24/06/2014 Greece vs Ivory Coast (11:00 PM)

25/06/2014 Nigeria vs Argentina (7:00 PM)
25/06/2014 Bosnia vs Iran (7:00 PM)

25/06/2014 Honduras vs Switzerland (11:00 PM)
25/06/2014 Ecuador vs France (11:00 PM)

26/06/2014 Portugal vs Ghana (7:00 PM)
26/06/2014 USA vs Germany (7:00PM)

26/06/2014 S. Korea vs Belgium (11:00 PM)
26/06/2014 Algeria vs Russia (11:00 PM)


1. 28/06/2014 Winner Group A vs Second Group B (7:00PM)

2.28/06/2014 Winner Group C vs Second Group D (11:00 PM)

3.29/06/2014 Winner Group B vs Second Group A (7:00PM)

4.29/06/2014 Winner Group D vs Second Group C (11:00PM)

5.30/06/2014 Winner Group E vs Second Group F (7:00PM)

6.30/06/2014 Winner Group G vs Second Group H (11:00PM)

7.01/07/2014 Winner Group F vs Second Group E (7:00PM)

8.01/07/2014 Winner Group H vs Second Group G (11.00pm)

Quarter Final:

04/07/2014 Quarter-Finalist 5 vs Quarter-Finalist 6 (7:00 PM)

(1) Quarter-Finalist 1vs Quarter-Finalist 2 (11:00 PM)

(2) 05/07/2014 Quarter-Finalist 7 vs Quarter-Finalist 8 (7:00 PM)

(3) Quarter-Finalist 3 vs Quarter-Finalist 4 (11:00PM)


08/07/2014 – Winner Quarter-Final 1 vs Winner Quarter-Final 2 (11:00PM)

09/07/2014 – Winner Quarter-Final 3 vs Winner Quarter-Final 4 (11:00PM)

3RD Play-Offs:
12/07/2014 Semi-Final 1 Loser vs Semi-Final 2 Loser (11:00PM)

Semi-Final 1 Winner vs Semi-Final 2 Winner (10:00PM)

Have You Seen PLO Lumumba’s Tweet

12 Jun

As Raila Odinga was being interviewed on Citizen TV’s The Big Question, Patrick Lumumba… tweeted what can only be understood by Shakespear and it left many Kenyans Confused and clueless!

Here is the tweet and your free to look for a dictionary.

Let Raila’s extemporaneous expatiations have intelligibility n voracious vivacity without rodomontade or thrasonical bombast #TheBigQuestion

Photos: Shaffie Weru’s Wife

12 Jun

Shaffie Weru has been married to for close to five years and recently his wife Jada Joan Mwahiki gave birth to as daughter.

This Shaffie’s second child having had a daughter called Milan with Debbie Asila awhile ago.

Mr and Mrs Weru.

_ Ghafla!

Funny: What Happened To NTV’s Larry Madowo

12 Jun

Last Friday an “erect” Larry Madomo Madowo hosted the newly bleached Vera Sidika and Kenyans have not stop laughing!

Check out the photos!!



Baba! Oooh Boy!

Kenya Sanaipei Tande Porn Video

12 Jun

Going through the web I came across this video of Sanaipei Tande which to me looks like a porn video but i will let you be the judge of that!


Funny: Rules During WorldCup Month.

12 Jun

To all the ladies and Women in this house:

2014 World Cup Brasil

2014 World Cup Brasil

The World Cup is starting today and I would like to clarify a few things and set some very simple straight rules……………..

1. Kenya didn’t qualify and there is a 5 hour time difference between Rio De Janeiro and Nairobi East Africa so please… NO stupid questions.

2. Ronaldo the Brazilian and Ronaldo the Portuguese are not related.

3. Non soccer conversations shall not be tolerated within regulation, injury, extra time or during penalties…

4. You shall support the teams, I support, smile only when my team is winning and shout goal….When its actually one.

5. Tell your girlfriends not to wed, have babies,fall sick or die during World Cup. We won’t go!!!

6. Its the World Cup & there is no Arsenal or Barcelona. It happens once in four years so don’t ask if its the same as the game from last week…

7. We shall watch any soap, reality show,romantic,African, Afro-cinema movie as long as they shoot it in Brazil and the cast are from World Cup participating teams…

8. There shall be no comments about Christiano Ronaldo’s looks.Professionalism shall remain an absolute part of the World Cup.

9. If u miss the line-up presentation, please do not ask… “who is that guy?”

10. Everyone shall learn all soccer rules prior to the World Cup. Any questions like,”why is that guy running on the line waving a checkered flag?” will not be tolerated.

11. For the full World Cup period, the remote control shall reside in my pocket and shall only be operated by me else under
my written authority…

Thank you.

Signed your loving Husband, boyfriend, Mpango wa Kando

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