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Monica Juma’s Rude Letter To MPigs.

12 Jun

Here is one of the letters addressed to Senate Clerk, Jeremiah Nyegenye in October 2014 by Monica Juma which the greedy MPigs termed “rude” and “ inbad faith”.

Dear Mr Nyegenye,

The Hon. Members of Parliament and Senators have time and again been visiting my office and making requests to have officers serving in this ministry, namely Field Administrative officers as well as uniformed officers appointed, transferred or retained in specific stations across the country.

I wish to indicate that hounouring such requests poses a huge challenge, in unsustainable and would in some cases constitute a breach of the Civil Service Code of Regulations, the provisions of the constitution as well as policy frameworks.

In the light of this, I address this letter to you to request that you kindly inform the Honourbale MPs and Senators about this challenge and reassure them the management of the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government is committed to observe the procedures and fair administrative action as it relates to all staff within the confines of the law and laid down criteria.

We believe that this will contribute greatly to efficient service provision to the public across the nation.

In this regard, we urge the understanding and full support of our legislators on this matter. I thank you for your continued and convey compliments of my highest regard.

Yours Sincerely,
Amb. (Dr) Monica K Juma, MBS
Principal Secretary Interior


Kenya: List of teachers banned for life

10 Jun

The names of 126 teachers who have been barred from teaching for the rest of their lives for engaging in sexual relations with students is out.

Ninety-six of them were found guilty of having sexual relations with students.

Two female teachers were among them.
Here is the list according to Nairobi News
1. Mutuenrandu Patrick Thiauru
2. Ngugi James Mburu
3. Magiri Douglas Murithi
4. Ngila Mukua Stephen
5. Mohamed Alawe Athumani
6. Nderitu Peter Ndegwa
7. Omutsayi Fredrick W.
8. Ngure Joseph Mwangi
9. Hinzano Peter Barawa
10. Odinga Geoffrey
11. Mwangi Edward Maina
12. Talib Abubakar
13. Kiplel Sawe Wilson
14. Wanjala Moses Barasa
15. Nyangwara Evans Otara
16. Rindoria Nehemiah Mogoi
17. Mulinge Mutua
18. Obuom Rodgers Otieno
19. Kipkechem Amdany Julius
20. Mbusu Josephat Maia
21. Omollo Edwin Omondi
22. Ojwando William Maina
23. Oletunda Kirui Joseph
24. Otieno Alfred Edwin
25. Masengo Douglas Momanyi
26. Anyona Nathan
27. Goroba Benard
28. Kekemwamburi M.
29. Wesamba John
30. Bushuru Stanley
31. Nyangeri Nahashon Akunga
32. Mutwiwa Titus Muthiani
33. Mudaki Agosa Jackson
34. Kariuki Lazaro
35. Olweny Paul
36. Kibiri Maina Joseph
37. Kundu Geoffrey Wafula
38. Ofula Esialai Peter
39. Ogola Owino Gedion
40. Nyakwara Thomas Nyakamba
41. Sanya Muriema
42. Omulisia John Atulo
43. Monari Justus
44. Mwenda Eliphas Joses
45. Magero Peter Ojwang
46. Wanyonyi Mulongo Martin
47. Mwambua Stephen Mrata
48. Muema Daniel Mavindu
49. Gathungu George Mburu
50. Safari Justus John
51. Ndege Njiru Gerald
52. Odhiambo Churchil Winston
53. Wanjofu Khisa Godfrey
54. Omondi Ochieng Philip
55. Ruto Kibiwot John
56. Kasai Harris M.
57. Mjawasi Augustine Mghanga
58. Rono Willy Kimutai
59. Busuru Godfrey Wanjala
60. Mwambere Oliver Juma
61. Ndambuki Nicholas
62. Cheruiyot Gilbert Kipkoech
63. Mukchenei Michael
64. Ringera Koome Isaiah
65. Mutava Michael Makau
66. Sotany Cheptoo Alfred
67. Mutua Benjamin Mutisya
68. Olero Kennedy Ondigo
69. Kungu Otieno Abel
70. Bukhala Dennis
71. Mulwale James
72. Okumu Harrison Sindani
73. Kisemei Mutia
74. Gikenyijosephat Otwabe
75. Wayodi Vinson Omollo
76. Agasa Justine Ondieki
77. Awaya Gama Ondere
78. Kimutai Simon
79. Ooko Ocholah Samwel
80. Mmanyanu Mmbworo K
81. Cheruiyot Simeon
82. Okedi Philip
83. Sigei Kipkurgat Zaphania
84. Okwiri Lucheli R.
85. Nyamawi Chale
86. Mbugua David
87. Ogola Victor Ooko
88. Kapchanga Pepela Bethwel
89. Odanga Japeth
90. Macharia Mwangi Jeremiah
91. Okayo Lucas Olianga
92. Hussein Ibrahim
93. Julius Nganga Kungu
94. Mathew Macharia
95. Jackson I Mugami
96. Abuka Jeckonia Moi
97. Justus Otieno Odoyo
98. Edwin Oguda Gor
99. Mose Vincent
100. Atieno Owino Marianne
101. Maloba Calistus Ngosia
102. Mulu Felix K.
103. Oluoch Erick Aum
104. Ajowi Maxwell
105. Mate Andrew Korongo
106. Kalenda Eric Juma
107. Lubisia Kisaka Bramwel
108. Lipeya Samuel Mulamula
109. Ontiri Peterson Anyieni
110. Nyamboga Francis
111. David Theuri Kingori
112. Kiprotich Leonard
113. Kiptalam Raymond
114. Eve A Gogah
115. Nzai Kenneth
116. Njema James
117. Nyagalouis K.
118. Towettnixon Mbito
119. Kalola Richard Mutavi
120. Akumu John Ben
121. Lumumbatom Omondi
122. Anuro Moses O.
123. Muthusi Daniel
124. Ochieng Stephen
125. Ajuang Ceaser Otieno
126. Mulinge Dickson

Rolls Royce Ghost Spotted at JKIA

15 Jan

Auto-Kenya, a Kenyan-UK car shipping company recently ship a Rolls Royce Ghost worth Kshs 30 million through JKIA.

The owner of the beautiful toy is Unknown but we have photos for you from Nairobiwire.com





courtesy of Nairobiwire.com

Sauti Sol nominated for MTV Europe Music Awards

19 Sep

Sauti Sol have officially been nominated for the upcoming MTV Europe Music Awards (EMA).

Sauti Sol goes up against Davido, Diamond, Goldfish and Toofan for the Best African Act at the EMAs.

The EMAs will be held at The SSE Hydro, Glasgow, United Kingdom, on 9 November 2014.

Off of the success of the steamy NISHIKE video, which was nominated as the Most Gifted from East Africa at the Channel O Music Video Awards 2014, Sauti Sol’s MTV Europe Music Awards nomination comes as no surprise.

Photos: Akon in Nairobi.

19 Sep

Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Bongo Puru Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara Akon Thiam has been in Nairobi accompanied by one of his four wives, who is hot!

Akon met with President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House, Nairobi and has committed to assist in lighting up Kibera as part of a major Kenyan government-led transformation of the slum to a modern neighbourhood.

William Ruto and Wife Stranded in Germany

8 Sep

Deputy President William Ruto and wife got stranded in Germany over the weekend after his train to cologne was cancelled.

Ruto has been attending his trial at the ICC, His trial is on a break, and he took this opportunity to go sightseeing around Europe. Without the huge security detail, he was able to walk around like anyone else.

As night approached he and his wife had to look for a lodging but were saved by Kenya’s Ambassador to Germany Ken Osinde who booked them on a flight out of Cologne.

Ruto posted some photos on his Facebook page.


Coffee at a Petrol Station

Just hanging.

Train cancelled. What to do next?

Queuing for a flight ticket.

At the Brandenburg Gate

-Nairobi Wire.

Photos: Uhuru Kenyatta in Full Military Uniform.

8 Sep

President Uhuru Kenyatta, fully dressed in military uniform, on Friday was visiting Kenya’s Pledged Force ( KPF) that has been training in Archer’s Post, Samburu County to join the East African Standby Force.

Uhuru was accompanied by Chief of Defence forces General Julius Karangi and the two wore matching boots.

PHOTO: Kingwa Kamencu Goes Nude

2 Sep

Former Presidential aspirant Kingwa Kamencu is doing everything she can to stay relevant and on the news after failing in her quest for the house in the hill.

Madam President on Sunday posted a ‘nudie’ with interesting results from team mafisi and Larry Madomo.

Madam President.

Here is Larry Madowo’s getting a boner!

Ooh Larry, why always you!

Photos: President Uhuru Kenyatta’s USA Trip.

9 Aug

We all know that our president attended for the better part of last week USA-African leaders summit in Washington with 40 people delegation.

Kenyatta with the Obamas

So lonely……………….

Hanging with Akon

President Uhuru meets CNN’s Richard Quest

Funny #KOT Tweets #ThingsJesusDidNotDie4

16 Jul

#KOT are back with #ThingsJesusDidNotDie4 a funny trend still cracking my ribs since yesterday, and the memes are hilarious.

Check them out:

#ThingsJesusDidNotDie4 Chillin out

@BMGitz #ThingsJesusDidNotDie4 Chillin’ out like

Check out


PLO Lumumba English

Ghai FAFA!!

Dude what the f*ck!!!!

Pose, Snap! #Dead! # buried

#ThingsJesusDidNotDie4 #Jeso!




Crazy people!

Nude Corazon Kwamboka Photos.

25 Jun

A picture says a thousand words but Kenyan socialite Corazon Kwamboka’s photos finishes a thousands vaseline. From tweaking to photos by bouart she appeared with a bang and now she shows us a juicy body.

If you doubt my judgement take a look for yourself.

Corazon Kwamboka.

Huge allowance!


Have You Seen PLO Lumumba’s Tweet

12 Jun

As Raila Odinga was being interviewed on Citizen TV’s The Big Question, Patrick Lumumba… tweeted what can only be understood by Shakespear and it left many Kenyans Confused and clueless!

Here is the tweet and your free to look for a dictionary.

Let Raila’s extemporaneous expatiations have intelligibility n voracious vivacity without rodomontade or thrasonical bombast #TheBigQuestion

Photos: Shaffie Weru’s Wife

12 Jun

Shaffie Weru has been married to for close to five years and recently his wife Jada Joan Mwahiki gave birth to as daughter.

This Shaffie’s second child having had a daughter called Milan with Debbie Asila awhile ago.

Mr and Mrs Weru.

_ Ghafla!

Kenya Sanaipei Tande Porn Video

12 Jun

Going through the web I came across this video of Sanaipei Tande which to me looks like a porn video but i will let you be the judge of that!


Funny: Rules During WorldCup Month.

12 Jun

To all the ladies and Women in this house:

2014 World Cup Brasil

2014 World Cup Brasil

The World Cup is starting today and I would like to clarify a few things and set some very simple straight rules……………..

1. Kenya didn’t qualify and there is a 5 hour time difference between Rio De Janeiro and Nairobi East Africa so please… NO stupid questions.

2. Ronaldo the Brazilian and Ronaldo the Portuguese are not related.

3. Non soccer conversations shall not be tolerated within regulation, injury, extra time or during penalties…

4. You shall support the teams, I support, smile only when my team is winning and shout goal….When its actually one.

5. Tell your girlfriends not to wed, have babies,fall sick or die during World Cup. We won’t go!!!

6. Its the World Cup & there is no Arsenal or Barcelona. It happens once in four years so don’t ask if its the same as the game from last week…

7. We shall watch any soap, reality show,romantic,African, Afro-cinema movie as long as they shoot it in Brazil and the cast are from World Cup participating teams…

8. There shall be no comments about Christiano Ronaldo’s looks.Professionalism shall remain an absolute part of the World Cup.

9. If u miss the line-up presentation, please do not ask… “who is that guy?”

10. Everyone shall learn all soccer rules prior to the World Cup. Any questions like,”why is that guy running on the line waving a checkered flag?” will not be tolerated.

11. For the full World Cup period, the remote control shall reside in my pocket and shall only be operated by me else under
my written authority…

Thank you.

Signed your loving Husband, boyfriend, Mpango wa Kando