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William Ruto and Wife Stranded in Germany

8 Sep

Deputy President William Ruto and wife got stranded in Germany over the weekend after his train to cologne was cancelled.

Ruto has been attending his trial at the ICC, His trial is on a break, and he took this opportunity to go sightseeing around Europe. Without the huge security detail, he was able to walk around like anyone else.

As night approached he and his wife had to look for a lodging but were saved by Kenya’s Ambassador to Germany Ken Osinde who booked them on a flight out of Cologne.

Ruto posted some photos on his Facebook page.


Coffee at a Petrol Station

Just hanging.

Train cancelled. What to do next?

Queuing for a flight ticket.

At the Brandenburg Gate

-Nairobi Wire.


June Ruto Not Deputy Ambassador to Sweden.

19 Jan

Reports of Deputy President William Ruto’s daughter June Ruto appointment as deputy ambassador are false.

Social media has been alleging that Ruto’s daughter is a second year university student and is about to become deputy ambassador to Sweden.

In reality June Ruto holds a Masters degree in International Studies from the University of Queensland, Australia and a bachelor degree in Diplomacy from the United States International University in Nairobi.

However officials at the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs and the Office of the Deputy President confirmed that his daughter June Ruto has recently joined the ministry in Nairobi as a junior officer.

Miss Ruto the international relations and trade officer under the America directorate at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ruto’s Son Graduates to Adulthood

6 Jan


Ruto’s youngest son George together with 65 other age mates have undergoing a transition from childhood to adulthood in a Kitengela bush.

This is a rite of passage according to the kalenjin tradition and the young men stay in the bush until they are completely healed as they are taught by the elders how to behave as adults.


George did his class eight exams last year and speculations have been rife on the social media that he scored poorly at 243 marks.


The deputy president hosted the young men over the weekend at his Sugoi Farm over the weekend.


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President Uhuru Kenyatta awarded Honorary Doctorate By Moi University

20 Sep

President Uhuru Kenyatta was yesterday conferred with a Honorary degree of Doctors of Letters (Honoris Causa) by Moi University, during its 29th graduation ceremony. The ceremony was conducted by the chancellor, Prof. Miriam Were hours after her appointment.


Courtesy of Nairobi Wire

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Photo of Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto With Their Wives

11 Apr

Photos of Uhuru Kenyatta and his wife Margret Kenya during his Inauguration as the fourth president of the republic of Kenya.

The First Family H.E Uhuru Kenyatta and Margret Kenyatta.

Photo of Hon. William Ruto and his wife Rachel Ruto during his swearing-in as the First Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya.

The Second Family Mr and Mrs William Ruto.

Photo of the First and Second Family.


State House Nairobi Joins Facebook and Twitter

11 Apr

President Uhuru Kenyatta has the most followed Facebook page in East and Central Africa and his Deputy William Ruto being both on Twitter and Facebook, so a day before they officially took office, State House joined both Facebook and Twitter with matching names @StateHouseKenya and Facebook.com/StateHouseKenya.

One of Jubilee’s campaign slogan was ‘The Digital Team’. This was used to refer to the youthful nature of the then presidential candidate Uhuru Kenyatta, his deputy William Ruto and their billboard mates Najib Balala and Charity Ngilu.

The two pages have informing Kenyans on the happenings at the house on the hill with this week has been particularly busy  due to the high influx of visitors.

Photos Of Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto’s Families.

5 Apr

You may wonder what our next First Family Looks like? Apart from Margret Kenyatta who we have seen, the children have never been seen in public.

Below are photos of the first.

Jomo, Ngina Margret, Uhuru and Jaba.

And the second family..

William Ruto with his wife and children.

Uhuru Kenyatta Branded Illuminati.

5 Apr

After the announcement that Uhuru Kenyatta‘s wife Margaret would be holding the Bible during the president’s swearing-in, Speculation and counter speculation surfaced on social media that he had refused to hold the Bible because he was a Freemason. Others claimed he was Illuminati.

Some of the comments quoted by Nairobi Wire included:
@Zakcure tweeted, “I’m the only one thinking of Margaret holding the bible during swearing in of Uhuru is kind of Illuminati?”, while Jackson Luvusi also suggested, ” Uhuru’s wife to hold the bible during his swearing-in. Sema #Illuminati”

Uhuru doesn’t wanna touch the Holy Bible. Someone scream ILLUMINATI!!!!!! – Frank Allano

Michelle holds the bible for Obama, Margaret holds the bible for Uhuru, sema illuminati. – Sly Mwaura
Uhuru is doing exactly what obama did, not holding the Bible up during his swearing-in. But we all know obama is illuminati so. . .
– Francis Ngwata
Illuminati is real “@iWateba: Why can’t Uhuru hold his own bible tho?” – Samie.
As the speculations continued, the President Elect on his Facebook page, issued a statement to clarify that his wife will not hold the Bible for him, but with him as is practice in most countries of the world, and was part of his greater plan to uphold family values.
This was his statement.

I have asked my friend and wife Margret to hold the Bible together with me as I take the Oath of office on Tuesday; a tradition exercised in most countries of the world. I promised to uphold family values and by having her stand alongside me, we will not only be vowing individually as recognized by the Constitution but also collectively as recognized by our marriage vows also enshrined in the law. By holding the Bible, not for me but with me, as I take my Oath of Office, she will be committing herself to ensure she reminds me of my promise to the Kenyan people and also assuring Kenyans that family obligations will not interfere with my execution of duties as President.

Apart from the statement Uhuru is well-known as a practising catholic.

Adapted from NairobiWire.com

Possible line up of Uhuru/Ruto Cabinet

19 Mar
President–elect Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto are said to have already picked the names of their Cabinet, and are only awaiting the decision by the Supreme Court challenging their win.
1. Head of Civil Service and Secretary to the Cabinet- Nancy Gitau
2. Presidential Press Service – Munyori Buku
3. Government spokesman –Muthui Kariuki
4. Jamleck Kamau- Cabinet Secretary
5. Ester Murugi – Cabinet Secretary
6. Njeru Githae – Cabinet Secretary in charge of Treasury
7. Charles Keter – Cabinet Secretary
8. Aden Duale – Cabinet Secretary
9. Charity Ngilu – Cabinet Secretary
10 Najib Balala – Cabinet Secretary
11. Chirau Ali Mwakwere – Cabinet Secretary
12. Joshua Kuttuny – Cabinet Secretary
13. Raphael Tuju– Cabinet Secretary
14. Eugene Wamalwa – Cabinet Secretary.
15. Ole Metito – Cabinet Secretary.

16. Beth Mugo – Cabinet Secretary

Among those shortlisted from the corporate world are; former KCB CEO Martin Oduor, Kenya Airways CEO Titus Naikuni and former Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) Director Julius Kipng’etich.

Julie Wango’ombe, 22 Year old Speech Writer.

14 Mar

Julie Wango’ombe, the poet who penned President Uhuru Kenyatta’s acceptance speech.

She may be only 22 years old, but has already secured her place in Kenya‘s history. Julie Wango’ombe, a poet, is the young lady who penned the acceptance speech for the President elect Uhuru Kenyatta.

She is also the daughter to Nation Media Group CEO, Linus Gitahi

She was recently featured on BBC. You can find the video here


Ambassadors Flock To Uhuru Kenyatta’s Home with Congratulatory Messages

13 Mar

Presidents across of the world have congratulated president-elect Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto for their election as the forth President of the republic of Kenya

Their representatives in the country have personally delivered the messages.
Here are some pictures courtesy of Nairobi Wire.

Ezechiel Nibigira (Amb – Burundi)

Liu Guangyuan (Amb – China)

Raúl Rodríguez Ramos (Amb – Cuba)

Sibabrata Tripathi (Amb – India)

Shemsudin Ahmed Roble (Amb – Ethiopia)

Kadri Abdel Mottaleb (Amb – Egypt)

Yamina Karitanyi (Amb – Rwanda)

Ghurum Bin Said Ghurum (Amb – Saudi Arabia)


Rafi-uz-Zaman Siddiqui (Amb – Pakistan)

Rutubasi Super Moloi (Amb – South Africa)

Emmanuel LoWilla (Office of President minister – South Sudan)



Cabu Gah Letter to Robert Onyango Alai.

4 Feb


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Cord and Jubilee to Spend Billions On Campaigning.

17 Jan
Orange democratic movement presidential candid...

Orange democratic movement presidential candidate Raila Odinga (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Prime Minister Raila Odinga and his CORD coalition plans to spent Sh13 billion between now and March 4, raised in the last one year from what the Raila campaign team describes as ‘well wishers’.




Coalition for Reforms and Democracy, CORD, has already acquired three helicopters from the campaign funds, that will be used by the coalition’s principals during the campaigns.








In addition to the choppers, the coalition has  acquired about 74 Land Cruiser vehicles branded with Cord colors and Raila’s name as the coalition’s presidential candidate have been deployed to different counties.




Jubilee Coalition on its part plans to spend an estimated Sh10 billion in campaigns, some of have gone into procuring two branded choppers,  aimed at propelling Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta into State House.








TNA has acquired 10 branded four-wheel-drive vehicles at an estimated cost of Sh30 million. The vehicles painted red with Uhuru’s name on the side are to be used to transport TNA staff during rallies and roadshows.


U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton...

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton (center) walks with Kenyan Minister of Agriculture William Ruto (left) and Kenyan environmental and political activist Wangari Maathai (right) during a tour of the Kenyan Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) near Nairobi, Kenya August 5, 2009. (State Department Photo) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


On his part William Ruto of URP acquired five branded four-wheel-drive vehicles and bought a chopper.




The largest portion of his campaign budget will be spent on rallies and publicity with  Sh300 million alone go into three events in Nairobi.






What Do we expect of 2013.

1 Jan

The world did not end in 2012 and we do not expect it to end in 2013. But we can expect a few things to happen.

Kenya will be celebrating its Golden Jubilee on December 12, this year, marking 50 years of independence from the British colonialist, the same year that the first elections after the passing of the new Constitution will take place on March 4.

On the ballot paper will be a new Executive, a new national assembly and a 47-member senate. Kenyans will also elect County Governors and County Assembly representatives as per the new constitution.

International Criminal Court (ICC) case against Jubilee candidates are set to kick off on April 11, starting with William Ruto and former radio presenter Joshua Sang, with the case against Mr Kenyatta and former head of public service, Mr Francis Muthaura, starting a day later, the trial will start a month after Kenya’s General Election on March 4th.

Kenyans will elect their fourth president since independence to succeed President Kibaki who is leaving all political office after a 10-year reign and 50 years in politics as member of Othaya constituency.

With the provision of the new constitution, Kenyans usher in the first devolved government by electing the first county governors, senators and county assembly representatives. Sh280 billion has been set aside to set off the operations of county governments after the March 4, 2013 General Election, ensuring that the devolved functions without a hitch.

With that we take this opportunity to wish you all a happy new year 2013.

Face-off Time! Ruto, Sang and Kosgey Face Ocampo.

1 Sep

William Ruto, Henry Kosgey and Joshua arap Sang are today set to face charges put against the by Ocampo after ICC rejected the government’s appeal.

Charges placed against them include rape, torture, forced evictions and murder of 1,300 people in the 2007-2008 post election violence.

The suspects are being tried in two cases with the other three – Uhuru Kenyatta, Francis Muthaura and Mohammed Hussein Ali set to appear on September 21.

This the confirmation and if any is found with a case to answer it will then proceed to the Trial stage.

I hope the truth and justice prevail and the guilty be put to account for their actions.