Who should we blame

30 Jun

Do i blame the government? or should i blame myself. Is God to blame? I wonder!

When young people die unexplained and there bodies dumbed on the roadsides, who should i blame? God? Police? Myself?

When the cost of basic commodities is on an all time high and everynight i sleep hungry then who should i blame? Me? You?

When funds for my sons and daughters end up in private bank accounts and no one wants to take responsibility for it blaming all but himself then who should i blame? God? Banks? Government?

When i vote based on tribal alliance and allow hatred and violence into my heart and fight my innocen t neighbour then who holds the blame? The Politician? The government? International community?

When i plant and it fails to rain, leaving me for the mercies of the nature and with no hope for a hot plate of food then who should i blame? The Rain? God? The Goverment?

When foreign bandits and armies invade my land killing me and my defencless family, taking all my wealth then who should bear the blame? God? The politician? Myself?

I seek for answers when my own government attacks me, looting and harming me and my relatives then whose to blame? The media? The politician? God?

Please answer me so i can get justice.


Kindly leave your comment.

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