here are some interesting facts about Kenya!!!

14 Nov

Interesting facts about Kenya, do you know your country? Do you wanna visit this great country?


Kenya flagkenya map



  • Kenya is next to the Indian Ocean


  • Most of the people are either very rich or very poor. Very few people fall in the middle category.


  • Kenya only has only two seasons, wet and dry. The rainiest season is April-May and the hottest time is December-February.


  • The capital of Kenya is Nairobi.


  • Jomo Kenyatta National Airport is the biggest airport in East Africa.


  • The Official name of Kenya in Swahili is Jamhuri y Kenya.


  • Kenya is located in East Africa, on the equator.


  • In 2012, the population of Kenya was estimated to be around 43 million.


  • Kenya is officially known as the Republic of Kenya.


  • The capital and largest city is Nairobi. Mombasa is the second largest city.


  • The two official languages in Kenya are English and Swahili,


  • Kenya shares Lake Victoria, the world’s second largest…

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